Commitment with the future, is commitment to nature!

Novagen is committed to comply with environmental legislation. Attitudes towards the Environment has the priority of respect of nature, prevention and reduction of environmental impacts. Protect and properly manage natural resources is a demonstration of responsibility and an essential aspect of quality of life.

The company's headquarters, located at Fazenda Talisman, use biodigesters and septic tank, and perform collection of recyclable waste delivered to the cooperative recycling and organic waste, which passes through the composting process.

In addition, Novagen is established within a farm with 39% of its area being of Environmental Protection, among legal reserve, permanent preservation areas and private reserve. Other 57% of its area is filled with reforestation, providing excellent green corridors for the passage of wild animals between protected areas, which contributes to improving the living conditions of these animals.

The farm where is located Novagen Genetics has forest areas monitored by the project Corredor das Onças, from ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute / Ministry of Environment), which have been documented several species of wild mammals, including some endangered species, as the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus), Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), Puma (Puma concolor capricornensis), among others.

Hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited on the farm.

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