Accredited by the MAPA under the SP-80656-1 number, Collection and Embryo Processing Center (CCPE) of Novagen Genetics is able to produce embryos of sheep and goats. During the procedure, the team superovulate donor hosted in the company. Later females are artificially inseminated and after a period of four to seven days has collected embryos.

After collection, the embryos are implanted in the uterus of female recipients or follow to freezing. When frozen, embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen canisters and delivered to the customer.

The headquarters of Novagen is located in the municipality of Itapira, at São Paulo state, within easy access from Highway SP 147, has broad framework for players and donors accommodation, meeting all the standards of MAPA, as well as requirements for semen production export. The average annual temperature is 23º C.

Quality of Embryos

Novagen prioritizes the quality of the collected embryos. Whole frozen embryo in the company is rigorously evaluated and frozen following the protocol established by the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS), meeting the following criteria:

- Embryo quality assurance;
- Quality of the means used for washing and freezing of embryos;
- The epidemiological safety of embryos transferred Warranty;
- Adoption of sanitary procedures and measures aimed at animal welfare.

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