CCPSAccredited since 2009 by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) under number SP-80656-1, the Center for Collecting and Processing of Semen (CCPS) from Novagen is enabled for semen production of sheep and goats and finds is in the final phase of expansion for bovine and buffalo.

Located in Itapira, at São Paulo state, within easy access from Highway SP 147, has broad framework for hosting sires, meeting the strict standards of the MAPA and also requirements for semen production for export.

It is located in tropical region of altitude, average annual temperature of 23º C and is 708 meters from the sea level. The distance from the farm to the state capital is 165 km, 70 km to Campinas and to the Viracopos International Airport in Campinas, is 95 km.

The Novagen is able to provide semen production service for the Central Trading, Agro-Enterprises, Slaughterhouses and Ranchers.


The semen is collected using an artificial vagina by simulating the natural mating. Once collected, is carefully evaluated and the measured concentration by NucleoCounter® SP-100™ (Chemometec), precision equipment equivalent to the flow cytometer. Then goes through dilution and cooling proceedings after being filled and sealed at straws individually identified through equipment MRS3 (IMV Technologies). 

After cooling curve is cryopreserved with freezing curve performed electronically by the equipment Digitcool (IMV Technologies). Samples are then thawed and evaluated electronically by IVOS Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer (Hamilton-Thorne), being stored in cryogenic tanks.


Novagen prioritizes the quality of Semen collected. Whole frozen semen in Novagen is rigorously evaluated and tested before being released by the quality control, meeting the following criteria:

  • Semen Quality Assurance: Each match was carefully evaluated by the Novagen Veterinarians and exceed the quality standards required.
  • Sperm Concentration: Each ejaculate sperm concentration was measured by NucleoCounter ® SP-100 ™ and each straw has the minimum concentration of live sperm required for each species.
  • Health tests: breeders are tested and must present themselves negative for diseases listed by Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply or according to export protocols.
  • Storage of semen: The semen is stored in each breeder individually identified straws, tracked and monitored by the Novagen's storage software. The tanks of the company are regularly reviewed to ensure that the genetics of animals are preserved in the best possible way.
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